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We the People Should be Afraid of Trumpism Becoming the State Ideology in America, But We Have the Power to Keep It From Happening



I am afraid of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. Are you? If you are, you still have the power to keep it from happening . . . are you willing to exercise it?

The media elites have fawned over Trumpism. The Republican elitists are scared to take on Trumpism directly. Some among We the People are slowly turning to Trumpism as the solution, stabbing our own in the back in the process. Trump still leads the polls, now with 36 percent support and a 20-point advantage over second-place Ted Cruz, the far-right Senator from Texas who seems like a sane moderate compared to the bombastic, uber-elitist, racist, and increasingly fascist Trump.

We the People should be afraid of Trumpism becoming the state ideology in America, much like Juche is the state ideology in North Korea, much like Nazism was the state ideology in Germany from 1933-1945, much like Marxist Communism was the state ideology in Russia from 1917-1991. We may think it can’t happen here, but it might . . . unless We the People stop it.

Trump is trying to pass himself off as a populist who is in tune with the concerns of We the People in terms of the economy, immigration, religion, and national security. Trump claims to be independent of Big Money political donors, while also taking aim at the media elites and eschewing all forms of political correctness.

But the truth is simple: Trump is a liar on all counts.

Trump was born into wealth, which makes him an elitist by and from birth. This automatically disqualifies him from being a populist. In life, he only become more of an elitist, crossing into celebrity, becoming ever more egotistical, narcissistic, and bombastic, none of which are populist behaviors.

Trump never hesitates to claim credit for things he had nothing to do with, including his supposed part in Barack Obama’s debunking of the “birther” theories against him. He seems to enjoy referring to himself in the third person, and makes outrageous demands that celebrities make, such as his demand that CNN pay him $5 million to take part in the next Republican debate. All anti-populist behaviors.

In what universe does a wealthy elitist claim to support economic populism, including raising taxes on the wealthy? Only in the twisted Trumpist universe. We the People can never take an elitist at its word, especially when it wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, for it will always find a way around it. And Trump brags about his wealth, which proves then and there that he is just another rich elitist.

Trump claims to be a Christian when he is in fact the Antichrist who believes himself to be God. Yet the Religious Right doesn’t seem to care about that, or the fact that Trump is on his third marriage. Add to that Trump’s sexist commentary on women, and you have a candidate that plays into the narrative that the Republicans are anti-women.

From the start of his campaign, Trump has taken on a strong anti-Mexican stance, calling illegal immigrants drug addicts and rapists, vowing to deport all illegal immigrants and building a wall between the United States and Mexico. By extension, all Mexicans are criminals according to Trumpism, even those who entered the United States legally and those who have Mexican blood, like myself.

With the fight against ISIS beginning to ratchet up, Trump has taken the opportunity to call for all Muslims in the United States to register with the government and carry ID cards stating their religion, much as Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear the Star of David on their clothes. Trump also has gone as far as to call for the closure of mosques, much as synagogues were suppressed in Nazi Germany.

Trump also supports the roughing up of African-American protestors, and was sickeningly pleased when Trumpist thugs committed crimes in his name. Trump is the favorite of white supremacists, including scumbag neo-Nazi David Duke, and is only openly and willingly pandering to their racist ideals at every opportunity. Trump even promoted anti-Semitism speaking before Jewish Republicans, pandering to the stereotype that Jews are obsessed with money when he discussed his campaign finances.

Trump claims that he can’t be bought by Big Money donors, even though he has a reputation of buying politicians in the past and has accepted millions in donations despite his self-professed ability to finance his own campaign. He may claim to be an anti-establishment candidate, but he is just like the wealthy Republican elites of old.

Trump has carried on Republican attacks on the media, even though Trump has manipulated the media to focus on his antics, and the media can’t stop eating it all up, even as Trump insults anyone who isn’t him and goes so low as to mock people with disabilities. So the media is part of the problem, keeping Trump atop the polls when anyone else would have been knocked out of the race by now. America’s celebrity obsession has also worsened the Trumpist stain, as out-of-touch elitists are worshiped like idols and false gods by sinful segments of the population.

What we are seeing now is a faux-populist brand of elitism that has touches of fascism, and has the same dark appeal that Nazism had in Germany. This should scare anyone who cares about freedom, democracy, and security, for Trumpism will take all of that and more away if implemented as the state ideology in what would no longer be the United States of America.

I am scared of Donald Trump becoming President, If you’re scared too, know that you’re not alone. We have the power to stop it, and we must exercise that power by all means possible, and vote for anyone but Trump. By doing that, we will make America great again.

Paul Mendoza, (2015).

Paul is based in the US and has contributed to Consensus44. Paul also run’s a blog at:

One comment on “We the People Should be Afraid of Trumpism Becoming the State Ideology in America, But We Have the Power to Keep It From Happening

  1. hlmwilki
    January 6, 2016

    I thought most people people should be able to recognise the fascism that Trump’s ideologies represents and therefore I thought who would ever vote for someone who is basically a modern day Hitler. But after reading your article I’m getting rather worried that there are people who share Trump’s dislike and fear of Muslims and Mexicans and these are the people who are voting for Trump. It’s really suprising to find how many people have similar views to Trump. And what’s worse they get fooled by promises such as “increasing taxes on the wealthy”.
    This is more for the readers of the article and who are able to vote in the American election, realise what Trump represents and make your decisions based on rationality and morals not on fear and prejudice.


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