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The reality of music


It is so important for me, to express my opinion about a topic which includes a lot of knowledge an Consciousness in order to express a true and worthy one. So i’m going to need your help and your point of view to bring that at light. Music to me, is describing different states of our emotion with acoustic harmonies. And when we say states we mean love, wonder, anxiety, joy etc. So it serves a porpoise. A nobel porpoise which help normally everyday our mood or attract the wanted ones. I imagine the floating of energy in the halls where the 20-th piano concert of Mozart was played. With it’s majesty not just pleasening the listeners but serving a porpoise too.

Music should “inculcate feelings of humanity, wisdom and patience, virtue and honesty, loyalty to friends, and finally an understanding of freedom.” French philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This are all great values which today when heard by the masses, it causes to them a strange reaction due to the years of “music industries”. Topics about sex, drugs, alcohol, the bad ass boys, thug life, and finally money have the main attention. Of course we do not mistake the phrase “Money for nothing and the chicks for free” Mark Knopfler knew anyway that he was playing on MTV. A nice irony from him. You find yourself served with food music, consuming what was ment to fill the soul.. You don’t need just talent and years of school, culture, compositions to be an artist. No, you need a good agent, a good publicity, and a good arranger… Sometimes the real artist who makes money by composing some loops and figuring out the track. Like he is to last for centuries. There is always someone more interesting time by time… By the way. Does anyone remember Britney Spears? So i worry about my mood. I think how much music affects me and meet’s my soul. “Art-making” is a great responsibility not just an oportunity. So i ask my self! Do we live in the days of the best artistic expressions? Or we all, are living the degenerated times of a culture.

Arens Ahmeti, (2015)

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