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Mind boggling assumptions

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Doing maths was always a pain. I hated it. I understood it, but still I hated it. It was only when I got older that i came to realize as to why I had in fact loathed the subject. The reason was the baseless, self serving use of assumptions.

One of the reasons why I fell in love with Economics even though it has an uncharacteristic amount of maths in it, is the fact that the math in it dealt with people. But during my years of delving into the world of Social Sciences, I realized what a fool I was. It would seem that even when we were being taught math as children; the power of assumptions to get a perfect equation was unfathomable. Economics as a subject matter can classify human behavior like psychology. But it fails to understand or predict it because of the assumption of rationality.

People are assumed to be rational. There is in fact a term for this. Its called ceteris paribus. Which means assuming all things being equal. In a maths equation, variables are always the problem. It cannot be defined or balanced. Therefore inherently irrational. This is what human nature is and yet social scientists and main stream economists failed to realize this fallacy. And when they do realize it they put up their hands and say that there are no other methods for them to use. If you are factoring in profit and loss for a company, then I agree. But when you are trying to come up with a viable governmental policy for the betterment of the people, such excuses are anything but.

Another reason why I have always hated math is because its inhuman. To it rationality is derived on the basis of balance and profitability. Humans who have to starve and suffer does not make a good variable to equate. But the ones who exploit the helpless are numbers which can be denoted as rational. We are our worst enemy. So long as we live in a world where a man’s worth is characterized on a piece of paper and represented by terms like ceteris paribus, this world will remain without purpose or choice.

Written By Colin Sydney

One comment on “Mind boggling assumptions

  1. onceuponanape
    July 7, 2015

    So true!


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