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Theory of life.


Here’s my personal theory on life. After years of studying varied subjects such as science, eastern and western religion, philosophy etc. I wrote a short piece about my own personal beliefs.

The universe is an energetically infinite and eternal energy network. All time and space are illusions to facilitate the function of personal perception. There is no judgement, no fear beyond the boundaries of our personal bubble of ‘identity’. The illusion of an individual being, while in an existential form is illusory; it is not meaningless by any stretch of any imagination. The illusion of individuality is a beautiful and necessary element of the universe’s existence, it facilitates the subjective experience of infinite energies manifesting as finite beings in the drama of time and space. This is the most playful and important part of our existence as ‘finite’ beings, we can experience the world as closed circuits of energy, simultaneously forgetting past experiences and creating new ones. The totality of experience is always expanding every time we enter and exit the illusion of finality. We get to relive the most beautiful and powerful experiences of our eternal existence again and again, each time perceiving them as brand new, yet the moment we leave the world all pain is forgotten and the experiences are added to an ever accumulating bank of universal experience. The all, the totality of the everywhen and everywhere, the unspeakable truth, can assemble and resemble any and all energies in and out of any plane of illusory time and space.

Let’s slow down and break that down a bit. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that all time and space are not in fact static mechanistic elements of the universe, bound by an almost materialistic set of structural laws. In fact time and space can bend and weave through the universe like the waves of an ocean, shaping and forming based on the relative nature to matter. Now let’s think of the elements of the universe that Einstein’s theory struggles to explain, Quantum. As we look further and further into the smallest elements of atomic and sub-atomic particles we find that the M in Einstein’s E=MC2 is less and less relevant. The matter of the world can less and less be seen as solid Aristotelian atoms but more like pure energetic forms. The work of the Large Hadron Collider, to find the God particle is miss-information only by the fact that they use the word particle. The Higgs boson is not what the scientists are really looking for, what they are really looking for is the Higgs field! The unified field theory is the theory that all energy is united in a single interconnected field of energy. What they are looking for is not the God particle but the field of God, the field of the infinite interconnected spectrum of existence. Yet this still doesn’t solve the problem of matter, yes they have found that at this base level the Higgs particle forms into existence, but the reductionist method of Science will still try and break that particle down into its base elements. What they are looking for is right in front of their eyes. The field can create matter from the field itself, the field is self-actualising its own creation.

Now if we look at the body we can see it is an interconnected network of billions and billions of cells all working in unison for the single purpose of holding an individual’s biological structure intact. Yet these cells are still dependant on the foundations of their atomic structure, which is dependent on the levels and layers of Quantum reality. All coming back to the ‘field’! The field manifests the illusion of matter, the illusion of our bodies and most importantly the illusion that we are separate from the ocean of eternity. All and everything we ever thought we knew is merely the rhythmic motions of a cosmic play, being acted by the totality of existence, for the pleasure and for the pure fun of it all. Enjoy the experience, live the lie and live it well, love the eternal fabrication and never forget that while the illusion of separation can sometimes feel like a spiral into the 7th circle of Dante’s hellfire, in the actuality of existence, “It’s just a ride!”

(Ben Gibbon, 2015)

2 comments on “Theory of life.

  1. jaiiske
    June 11, 2015

    Amazing writing Ben, fascinating piece and I loved the honest and logical truth of it. I have to admit though that I just about nearly hung on to understanding as you described the scientific and quantum theory, but your truth of it was the glue that kept me stuck on to finish reading your words.

    I’ve always believed myself to be proper ‘thick’ when it comes to trying to understand anything theoretically scientific or mathematically complex, (Thought it was my council estate upbringing to blame for many years), but eventually I realised that my brain just didn’t like that kind of information and wouldn’t present it to me in ways that I understood it. It was always ‘Gobbledygook’ in my head that I could make no sense of at all and so I’d always reject it and eventually lost interest in trying to. I was always a more ‘feely’ touchy kind of nature and wanted the, experiential lessons, to teach me an understanding of what life was all about. I wanted to feel the truth of things for my self and not depend on the word of man for it. I’ve never trusted it in my entire life and eventually I found out how right I was not to.

    I guess you could say that I always much preferred to trust a more natural, spiritual source of information and from my perspective at least it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I couldn’t understand the scientific perspective, but I at least knew that its principles in the search for truth were intrinsically honest and its practice, ever mindful of man’s personal tendencies to distort it. I might have convinced myself that I was ‘thick’ but I was naturally intelligent enough to know that there was, there is NO separation between science and spirituality. The truth of both are one and the same thing and we’re simply using the different natural skills and abilities that we have to try and understand it all.

    We may well be perspectives apart Ben, but I intuitively know that we’re both searching for the same truth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, I loved reading them and even though you bamboozled my brain in the process, I did understand and learn much from it. Thank you.


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  2. gentlekindness
    July 16, 2015

    Quantum physics is fascinating. I have found that studying it can be therapeutic. It takes the focus off of specific problems and gives the feeling of a bigger picture.

    Also of the multiple possibilities at any given moment. If I understood correctly when I watched What the Bleep do We Know, Down the Rabbit Hole, there are multiple realities and possibilities co-existing at any given moment.

    The possibility of failing at something co-exists with the reality of you succeeding, or taking an alternate path all together.

    Very enjoyable post.
    Annie ❤

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