Thinking Your Way Through a Labyrinth of Contemporary Issues

The United States & the Responsibility of Leading the World

The United States is the sole global hegemon. This is a fact that cannot be denied for the United States has armed forces stationed on every single vital trade route … Continue reading

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Why it’s hard to be interested in the news

    Do you remember the South Park episode (It hits the fan) where the word ‘Shit’ reaches a ludicrous notch of 162. Of course a lot of people don’t … Continue reading

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Reflecting on “Free Tommy”

“By visiting these places and understanding what sadistic cruelty occurred under the Nazis, the sight today of Tommy Robinson supporters protesting in London and giving Nazi salutes fills me with sadness but also anger.”

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What it feels like to hit depression.

  Hitting depression was not something that I ever believed could happen to me, I had been sad in the past before over many things but depression seemed like something … Continue reading

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The end of a friendship

It was 2008 – prior to the social media world, I and my friend were at the Wendy house in Leeds (UK) this was essentially a gothic nightclub. Me and … Continue reading

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On Change, some thoughts

It is difficult to define oneself in a world where everything is in a state of flux. I imagine to the Mycenaeans, it felt like the world was ending when … Continue reading

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Was University a waste of time?

First of all before I start anything there is something I would like to address. While writing posts it can often seem like a forever ending moaning session. Anyone who … Continue reading

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A tribute to my grandmother

My grandmother was certainly one of the most important people to ever be in my life. Her influence on myself was enormous. Many of the trait’s I have today both good and bad ,are from her. The amount of time I spent with her meant that I knew her better than I would say anyone else. I could write a book on all the things that we have done together or even just about her. I won’t write a book but what I will do is summarize the experiences of our lives together and the feeling of bereavement. There are likely better tribute’s out there to those who have lost loved ones. Although I would like to think one of my strength’s is in my writing skills, so this will have to do.

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Social media, addictive, frustrating but here to stay.

Social media is in many ways a good thing. It is now a lot easier to be in contact with people, whether it be friends, family or that special someone … Continue reading

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The Problem with StarWars: The Last Jedi, Feminism and Hollywood

StarWars is a franchise in trouble. The profits may belay that, but when you see some of the minority reaction to The Force Awakens, a minority that quickly swelled with … Continue reading

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The Brexit Dilemma

Ah Brexit, rarely has so nebulous a term resulted in so many emotionally charged arguments, splitting families down the middle. I’d like to laugh about it, but its hard to … Continue reading

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